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I Want to Save

Saving and accumulating an amount of capital from periodical saving can be done with a specific aim in mind, such as for the purchase of a home, a holiday or retirement, or even without a fixed objective other than having peace of mind for the future.

In this section we will help you to find the best solution, the best vehicle for channelling your savings, for either situation.


You want to accumulate capital by means of periodical saving

BS Saving Plan

Your savings will have a guaranteed yield and you will be able to access them at any time, without cost or penalty.

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You want to accumulate capital by means of periodical saving in order to obtain a monthly income for the future

BS Systematic Saving Plan, PIAS

As well as total flexibility in your savings and guaranteed yield, you will enjoy favourable long term tax benefits if you receive your capital in the form of a lifetime income.

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You want to save with the aim of purchasing your first home

BS Home Account

A saving plan that permits you to anticipate with time the tax advantages established for the purchase or building of your main home, while you accumulate capital which is always available and has a guaranteed yield.

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You wish to save with the aim of complementing your pension

We offer a wide range of products orientated to saving for retirement time which are the following

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