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How to stay safe from telephone scams

Cybercriminals can impersonate public bodies, large companies and even financial institutions. They use techniques to make phone calls and text messages look like they were made by the Bank itself, thereby gaining our trust and making us fall for the scam.

These are some examples of fraudulent text messages attempting to impersonate Banco Sabadell.


You may also receive a call from a supposed Bank Manager alerting you to a fraudulent operation and asking you to provide data or even to make financial transactions. They may do this from a phone number you do not know, but they can also show our phone number using identity theft techniques. Even if they give you personal information about yourself, be wary; they may have found it on the Internet. We may call you if we detect a suspicious operation, but we will NEVER ask you to initiate or sign a financial transaction as a result.

We would like to remind you these tips to prevent you from falling into the trap:

  • We will not ask you for sensitive data via text message, email or phone call.
  • We will not ask you to transfer your funds to a secure account.
  • Do not provide personal or banking information on websites that you have accessed from a link included in a text message or email.
  • Be wary of messages with a tone of urgency, mistakes or misspellings.
  • Install anti-malware and anti-virus software on your devices and run regular scans.
  • If you receive a call requesting personal data or asking you to make financial transactions, hang up, do not return the call and contact us through the usual channels.
  • Always access from the official website: www.bancsabadell.com and download our application from official markets.