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In the event that you take out the mortgage with a discount; by supplying your payslip and the home, life and payment protection insurance policies you’ve taken out with Banco Sabadell, the conditions will start at 1.60% NIR (2,79% APR2).

Do you prefer an instalment that is pegged to the evolution of the market?

You might be interested in our variable mortgage.

Your mortgage step by step

Bear in mind:
The mortgage may cover up to 80% of the purchase Price or the appraisal value (whichever is the lower) for the first home. Up to 70% for second homes.
The monthly instalment cannot exceed 40% of your total income.
You will have to face other expenses such as the deposit or the appraisal fee.

Why you should trust Banco Sabadell for your mortgage:

You will not be alone.

A manager will be by your side from beginning to end to make everything easier.

Designed just for you.

With a 100% personalised price and service adapted to your needs.

More than 100 years’ experience of financing.

Concepts related to the mortgage:

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    The total cost of the loan for the borrower, expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of the loan granted, plus the costs incurred, if applicable, and corresponding, on an annual basis, to the current value of all future or existing commitments, such as provisions of funds, repayments and expenses, agreed by the lender and the borrower.
  • Nominal Interest Rate (NIR)
    Sum that is paid for borrowing an amount of money (or received for lending it), expressed as a percentage of that amount.
  • Euríbor
    Interest rate that European banks apply when they lend money among themselves. It is used as a reference as part of the interest rate of variable mortgages.
  • Property appraisal
    An expert determines the real value of the home you are going to buy.
  • Register check
    The Property Register checks the situation of the home you are going to buy. This checks whether the property is free of liens, such as mortgages, and verifies data on its situation, property and ownership.
  • FIPRE (Pre-contractual information file)
    This is a document with information on how mortgage loans work. It is given to you before making a simulation of your future mortgage.
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Buying a home in Andalusia?

Visit any of our branches in this community and our agents will inform you of our mortgage offers in Andalusia.
FIPRE / Pre-contractual information Andalusia

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