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Investment Founds

Investing in one financial product or another depends on many factors. It depends, for example, on the expected return, the need for the investment to be available, the risk level tolerated, the term of the investment or the tax treatment.

The investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to the investment in securities and in other financial instruments, and therefore the acquisition value and the rates of return obtained may undergo variations both upward and downward and it is possible the investor will not recover the amount invested.


Lower potential risk
Lower Risk
  Higher potential risk
Increased risk
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


CNMV Risk Level

Sabadell Garantía Extra 25, FI

Investment fund offering:

Upon maturity of the guarantee:


of the capital invested


Variable revaluation:

8 reimbursements, one each year,
calculated in accordance with the 3-month
Euribor index:

Minimum APR + 0.25%
maximum APR + 2%

See the Fund Prospectus for a detailed explanation of the system for calculating the return. Except on the guarantee maturity date, the value of your investment is subject to market fluctuations. The redemption or transferof units before 31 October 2024 will signify that the value of the initial investment will not be guaranteed forthe part reimbursed or transferred and the liquidation value on the date of the application will be applied and, ifapplicable, the redemption commission 1. The prospectus, the document with the basic details for the investor andthe periodic reports are available to the public at the placement offices and at bsinversion.com and the CNMVregister. Guaranteed funds are NON-COMPLEX MiFID products.

Subscribe Sabadell Garantía Extra 25, FI until 7 November or while offer lasts (500 million euros).

More information

1. No redemption fee will be applied on the 15th of each month or next business day if a non-business day from 17/04/2017 to 15/05/2024.

- Guarantor: Banco de Sabadell, S.A.

- APR guaranteed upon maturity: minimum of +0.25% and maximum of +2%.

- The 8 redemptions, which are generated via an automatic sale of the holdings, are made each year into the current account. Thetaxation of the return obtained will depend on the tax legislation applicable to the personal circumstances of the unitholder.

- Should the three-month Euribor index, Ticker Bloomberg:”EUR003M Index” not be published, the provisions of the “2006 ISDADefinitions” convention will be applied.

- 4 Observation Dates are established each year. For each observation date the 3 month-Euribor will be used. The observation dates ofthe 3-month Euribor are the business days ¡prior to the 25 October of the year before the payment and the 25 January, 25 April and 25July of the year of payment. Should the index fall below +0.25% +0.25% will be paid and if equal to or greater than +2%, +2%. In any othercase their value will be applied. Every 31 October the simple average of the 4 values observed on each date will be calculated which willbe the equivalent to the percentage of the compulsory redemption.

- For natural persons resident in Spain, under current tax law.

Advantages of investment funds

  • By return: a greater return on your money can be obtained compared to other investment products.
  • By liquidity: The cast majority offer total, immediate liquidity without any penalty. There is however the possibility of suffering investment losses due to market fluctuations.
  • By variety: the wide variety of funds allows the best option to be chosen depending on the risk of the fund and the estimated term for maturity of the investment.
  • By transparency: the participant has at their disposal a broad range of public reports to monitor the evolution: prospectus, annual, half-yearly, quarterly report, etc.
  • For its flexibility, you can subscribe or redeem fund participations using periodic orders.
  • By security: there is strong diversification and quality in the issuances used.
  • By their Tax treatment

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