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Thematic investment funds

Trends and the search for profitability can go hand in hand

What do investment funds offer?

Número 1
Being able to invest part of your money and having it available whenever you need it

Bear in mind the recommended time horizon of each fund. This is the minimum investment time recommended for the fund to increase the likelihood of profitability.
If you withdraw the money prior to the completion of the recommended time horizon, this will increase the risk of loss of capital.
Número 2
Without foregoing the peace of mind associated with all investment funds: transparent, supervised and registered with the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission
Número 3
With constant information on the performance of your portfolio via the app and website and detailed monthly reports
Número 4
And it’s within your reach: starting to invest doesn’t require large amounts of capital, as you can see for yourself today

Learn more about our thematic investment funds

Sabadell Economía MedicalTech, FI

Driving medical technology

For people seeking to invest in social and health progress.

With diversified investments in solutions for patients (assistance, care, etc.) and healthcare professionals (diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive advances, etc.).

The Fund also invests at least 85% of its assets in a single Collective Investment Institution, namely the sub-fund CPR Invest - MedTech, class T3, ISIN (LU2384387481), a sub-fund of the Luxembourg SICAV CPR Invest.

And maintaining sustainable investment criteria.

Recommended time horizon: 5 years
Sabadell Economía MedicalTech, FI

Sabadell Economía Verde, FI

Encouraging conscious progress

For people who believe in ethical economic development by means of the efficient use of resources.

With diversified investments in global companies that implement environmentally responsible solutions: sustainable agriculture, waste management and recycling, energy efficiency, Industry 4.0, etc.

Selected by Amundi’s teams specialising in Fund Analysis and Manager Selection.

Recommended time horizon: 6 years
Sabadell Economía Verde, FI

Sabadell Economía Digital, FI

Supporting a new model for the future

For people who regard digitalisation as a process that’s necessary for progress today.

With diversified investments in digital fields ranging from artificial intelligence and big data to fintech companies, robotics and activities related to the digital revolution, among many others.

With the heterogeneity of a business of the future: digital disruption is common to all the sectors.

Recommended time horizon: 7 years
Sabadell Economía Digital, FI
Investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to investing in securities and other financial instruments, as a result of which the acquisition values and returns may undergo upward and downward variations and you may not recover the amount you initially invest.

If you have a more conservative investor profile...

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