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Request the credit rating

If your company already have a without recourse factoring contract with the SabadellAtlántico, you can request the credit rating of your customers by filling out the form (Spanish version)


Specialised financing of your invoicing


Factoring consists of the assignment of the collection rights of your invoices, with the bank managing collection. There are different types that can include coverage for the insolvency risk of the debtor and the option of advanced financing of the amount of the invoice, with or without recourse.

In addition, the solutions factoring offers for financing, collection management and the possibility of covering all or part of the risk of non-payment due to the debtor's insolvency are applicable both to domestic sales and exports (further information on export factoring)

  • Solutions and advantages
     What are your needs?
    • Reduce administration costs of collecting invoices
    • Obtain invoice-based financing
    • Total or partial coverage of your debtors' insolvency
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    • Factoring offers collection management and financing, improving the balance sheet ratios
    • Notification of the assignment of the receivable to the debtor
    • Flexible operation with BS Online Companies
    Factoring without recourse:
    • Efficient financing with total or partial coverage of debtors' insolvency. Debtors are studied and a percentage coverage is determined in advance. In the case of non-payment due to insolvency, between 90% and 100% of the invoiced amount will be compensated.
    • Allows you to keep your client portfolio healthy, as well as simplifying and saving on administration costs when managing invoices. Improves balance sheet ratios.
    • It eliminates the cost of lawsuits.
    • No need to change insurance company. If you already have a credit insurance policy it is possible to arrange Factoring without recourse by means of the subrogation of collection rights

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  • Types
    There are three types available:

    Factoring without recourse:

    • Swift financing, after assessment of the debtors
    • With total or partial coverage of your debtors' insolvency
    • Compensation in the event of non-payment of between 90-100% of the amount of the invoice
    • It cleans up your client portfolio
    • Simplification and administration cost saving in invoicing management.
    • Improvement of balance ratios
    Factoring with recourse:
    • Flexible financing of working capital
    • Invoice collection management
    • Administration cost saving in invoicing management.
    • There is no insolvency coverage of debtors
    Factoring with Coverage:
    • Factoring without recourse by means of the subrogation of collection rights of your own credit insurance policy
    • Financing based on the invoice.
    • Improvement of balance ratios
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