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Integrated Statement

Overview of your savings and investment products

This is very useful information for Personal Banking clients whose equity is comprised of several different products and who would like to receive a summary of all their savings and investment products in a sole document.

The information is presented split by ownership in two groups: Savings/Investment and Financing. Moreover, details are given of the account number/contract, product number, maturity date, currency, balance in currency and balance in euros.

The Integrated Statement is completely free of charge. It is received on a monthly basis and the positions are updated on the last day of the previous month.

The Integrated Statement informs you of:

  • All your savings and investment positions, such as term deposits, Deposits, insurance policies, investment funds and pension plans, contracted with us.
  • The status of your credits and loans such as mortgages, consumer credit, etc.
  • All purchases made with credit cards in the previous month. 

Some advantages of the Integrated Statement:

  • Highlights the distinguished treatment given to clients of the Personal Banking segments
  • Facilitates account management and savings withdrawal.
  • Allows decision-making pertaining to future personal customer financing to be planned, based on an integrated knowledge of his/her financial and banking situation.

Cliente Personal, extracto de Banca Personal