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Direct Debits

Now, arranging the direct collection/payment of salaries and bills with Banco Sabadell couldn’t be simpler

Direct deposit your salary or pension
To request the change, just fill in this application for your Change request salaryDescargar documento PDF and give it to your company.

You can also inform them directly of your Account number.

If you want to have your pension directly paid in, you must inform the Social Security or official body that pays this benefit.

Pay your bills via direct debit

We will set up the direct debit payment of your bills, at no cost  whatsoever. To do so, you can file your request through BS Online or visit your local branch office:

To submit your request via BS Online, simply:

  • You can set up a direct debit for your bills by downloading and filling in the following online application form  Descargar documento PDF by clicking on “I want to set up a direct debit now”, or by presenting it at your branch along with a photocopy of one of your bills.
  • Print, sign and scan the request form.
  • Scan the bills that you wish to pay via direct debit and save them on your computer in PDF or JPG format.
  • Send us the documents, along  with the signed request form, by clicking here.
To submit your request at your local branch office:

* This request is available to Banco Sabadell customers of full legal age who have accounts which do not require joint signatures (any holder of the account can sign a bank order). Otherwise, or in the event that the documents provided are incorrect or incomplete and the request cannot be processed via this channel, it will have to be processed at our physical bank branch offices. The bank reserves the right to reject requests via this channel.

By virtue of this order, the Bank will notify the issuer of your bill of your request to change the direct debit payment. The issuer of the bill is ultimately responsible for the change of payment method. Hence, we advise you to keep enough of a balance in your current account to cover your bills until all direct debit payments have been submitted to your new account.