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Risk indicator applicable to all current accounts.

Sabadell Account

With the Sabadell Plus Account, we give you more for your savings. Discover all the advantages of our interest-bearing current account.

No fees
administration fees and custody expenses
Free GOLD debit and credit cards
No issuance or maintenance fees

Who is this account designed for?

  • The Expansion Plus Account is suitable for those who want to have an interest-bearing account, with access to the main services and products to meet the payments and expenses they require in their day-to-day life and, in addition, to be able to make their short-term projects a reality.

Zero charges

  • For account administration and maintenance.
  • For transfers in euros both domestic and to EEA countries (not immediate).
  • For negotiating and clearing cheques in euros, domiciled at a Spanish financial credit institution.
consult the informative document on fees

Free cash at a wide network of ATMs*

For debit withdrawals of a sum equal to or greaterthan 60 euros.

At Banco Sabadell ATMs, debit withdrawals of anyamount are free of charge.

* At ATMs of the chief banks of the EURO 6000 network (Abanca, BMN, Ibercaja Banco, KutxaBank, Unicaja, Caja Espanya-Duero,CajaSur, Caixa Ontinyent, Colonya Caixa Pollença) and those of the Banco Sabadell Group.

Free alerts service, via SMS or email, free of charge

We alert you to payment of your salary or pension, your card charges, we send you security alerts, inform you about your tax rebate and you can select all the additional alerts you want.

Free cards*

  • MasterCard Oro card.
  • BS Mastercard Oro debit card.
  • Repsol Máxima card, with a 2% discount on fuel when filling up at any service station of Repsol, Campsa or Petronor.

*Issue and maintenance fee.

With an effective, thorough service

  • We do not reject any household bill subject to direct debit (water, electricity and gas) provided the customer has no previous debit positions over 300 euros or non-payments with the bank.
  • We change the direct debit arrangement of your bills free of charge.
  • Insufficient balance alert via email and SMS.

Remuneration paid into account1

1. Remuneration of the account. The Expansin Plus account pays you for the first €10.000 you have in your account if both of these conditions are met:

. Have made at least 1 purchase with the credit card associated with your Expansión Plus Account in the month prior to the month of remuneration.

. Have an average monthly balance in the bank of more than €30,000 in assets, calculated as the sum of balances of the previous month’s deposits, fixed income at maturity, life-savings insurance, investment funds, listed and unlisted securities, pension plans (except company plans), Voluntary Welfare Entity Plans and BS Gran Selección Funds. The balance in this Expansión Plus Account or in any other in which the holders are already party to will not be taken into account for calculating the average balance. The number of co-holders will be taken into consideration, so the minimum required balance in the entity will be the one taken proportionately for each co-owner. The account is settled monthly and is calculated from the daily balance of the account. It is important to know that settlements will not be paid during the first month of the Expansion Plus account, or if you do not meet the conditions described above.

Examples of APRs in different scenarios:
If you are eligible for the rate:

First year (the conditions take into account the interest rate for each tranche and whether the average daily balance remains constant for a full year since the account was opened):
. If the account balance is of €10,000 per day: 2.919% NIR, 2.7389% APR.
. If the account balance is of €15,000 per day: NIR 2.919%, APR 1.8191% (daily balance on which the remuneration is paid: €10.000, remainder of balance 0% NIR).
Contract date 30/06/2021, first interest payment date 31/08/2021, first year end date: 30 June 2022. Interest paid during first year: €270.82.

Other years (assumptions take into account the interest rate for each tranche and whether the average daily balance remains constant for a full year):
. If the account balance is of €10,000 per day: 2.919% NIR, 3.0001% APR.
. If the account balance is of €15,000 per day NIR 2.919%, APR 1.9910% (daily balance on which you are remunerated: €10.000, remainder of balance 0% NIR).
Second year start date: 30/06/22; First interest payment date: 31/07/2022; second year end date: Thursday, 30 June 2023. Interest paid during year €295.96.

1. If you do not qualify for the remuneration:

Account yield: 0% APR, calculated for a case in which an average balance of €3,000 is maintained continuously for 1 year, applying a NIR of 0% and the annual account administration and maintenance fee of €0 a year.

Distance Banking Service

You can carry out all the operations you need and check all your account activity wherever you are, whenever you want.

Sabadell eBolsa

The new online service for direct management of your securities portfolio, enabling you to perform all your national and international operations wherever and however you want, swiftly and easily. And at one of the most competitive rates on the market.

Optionally, via the BS Markets eBolsa profile you can use a series of tools designed to support your decision-making (fundamental and technical analysis of the market, market reports, ongoing, customised, etc.).

Card associated services

Oro Debit:

  • Card Protection Service.
  • Accident insurance of up to 120,000 euros.
  • Limited liability for theft or loss.

Oro Credit:

  • Deferred payments.
  • Card Protection Service.
  • Accident insurance of up to 600,000 euros.
  • Personal assistance travel insurance.
  • Travel assistance insurance for your vehicle.
  • International emergency replacements in 48 hours.
  • International emergency cash up to 3,000 euros.
  • Limited liability for theft or loss.
  • Protected purchase insurance of up to 3,000 euros (Oro + SIN).

Expansión Line

Extra money of up to €5,0002 that you can use totally or partially, immediately, without paperwork and without arrangement or assessment commissions, through your remote banking service.

2. Contracting Línea Expansión requires prior knowledge of the contractual conditions. You can see the general contractual conditions at bancoabadell.com/lineaexpansion. To activate your Línea Expansión you, and the other holders if it is a joint account, must expressly or tacitly accept the contractual conditions. The initial credit limit is common regardless of the number of holders of the Línea Expansión, is revised monthly, and may vary in accordance with the specific condition of the Línea Expansión, and may be drawn down jointly or severally. The monthly limit is between €2,000 and €5,000 and the period for returning the drawdown can be 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months. NIR: 17.88% APR: 19.42% Arrangement fee. 0.00% Assessment fee. 0.00% Early cancellation fee (0.00%):

Example for a Línea Expansión of €2,000 to be returned in 12 months: 11 instalments of €183,25 a month and a final instalment of €183,19. Total amount owed: €2,198.94. Interest Amount: €198.94. Total cost of loan: €198.94. APR: 19.42%

Example for a Línea Expansión of €5,000 to be returned in 12 months: 11 instalments of €458,12/month and a final instalment of €458,04. Total amount owed: €5,497.36. Interest Amount: €497.36. Total cost of loan: €497.36. APR: 19.42%

The French depreciation system, which is characterized as a system of constant quotas, is used to calculate the instalments to be paid. Banco Sabadell reserves the right to not grant the loan if, during the validity period of this offer, any circumstance of the Holder(s) is known which might alter the arrangement criterion. Offer valid until 30/06/2022 Offer valid from accounts open before 30/06/2022

What do you need to take out an Expansión Plus Account?

  • A salary, pension or regular monthly income deposited in the account totalling at least 3,000 euros (excluding deposits from accounts opened with the Banco Sabadell group in the name of the same account holder).
  • You’re also required to have paid two domestic bills via direct debit during the previous two months.
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