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Our pledge to companies

Management of exchange rate risk

Coverage to eliminate uncertainties with respect to the payment or collection quantities in your foreign currency operations.

  • Resumen de productos

    Exchange rate insurance

    Agreement by means of which your company and the Bank are obliged mutually to exchange an amount of foreign currency at a fixed price on a future date


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    Forward Plus

    Strategy that allows you to establish a fixed exchange rate, enabling you to make good use of more favourable market situations than the fixed rate, up to a certain level established.


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    Forward KO

    Strategy that allows you to establish a subsidised fixed exchange rate, in exchange for leaving unfavourable scenarios above a certain established level uncovered.


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    Right to buy or sell a certain asset (in this case a foreign currency) at a certain price. The acquisition of such a right has an initial price.


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    Foreign currency tunnel

    Strategy that allows you to establish some fluctuation limits to the exchange rate, allowing you to benefit from favourable movements of the exchange rate and thus limiting your losses in the event of unfavorable movements


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    An accumulator is a strategy that comprises a combination of options at zero cost. It enables you to establish a very advantageous fixed price for your transactions, in exchange for making the nominal value that you will finally have to change to said price uncertain.


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