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Why our cards?

Because they are much more than a way of paying for your purchases.

Banco Sabadell card
If you have a Sabadell card …
You don’t worry if you lose it.
You can activate and deactivate it using your mobile, whenever you want.
If it’s stolen, you can block it and that’s it!
You’ll receive a new one at home.
Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Sabadell Wallet.
Choose your option for paying with your mobile!
You are in full control.
Activate or deactivate selected uses of your card, such as Internet purchases or overseas.
Gana Ipad

Want an iPhone 12, an iPad Air or a Smart TV?

Tarjetas de crédito Participate in our draw and take one home thanks to the Christmas purchases you make with your credit card between 23 November 2020 and 31 January, 2021. Every 50 euros you purchase with your card is worth one entry and with every 50 euros you purchase on the Internet will multiply your entries by 2."
Móvil Jot down these dates on your calendar:
3 December. Draw of 20 iPhones 12 of 128 Gb. We count the purchases you've made up to 29/11/20.
22 December. Draw of 40 iPad Air 64 Gb (Wi-Fi). For purchases until 20/12/20.
4 February, 2021. Draw of 60 LG Nanocell Smart TV. For purchases accumulated during the entire period of the promotion."
View the conditions of the promotion

Notarial conditions for the "Christmas Draw" promotion aimed at individual customers holding credit cards.


  1. Banco de Sabadell, S.A. (hereinafter, the bank) is carrying out a promotion aimed at individuals, resident in Spain, who are listed as holders of a credit card and/or revolving credit card issued by Banco Sabadell (hereinafter, the cards). Company credit cards are excluded.


  1. Validity of the promotion: from 23 November 2020 to 31 January 2021 (both inclusive).


  1. The promotion is open to card holding customers who, during the promotion period, have made accumulated purchases of at least 50 euros. The bank will send the notary the list of the cardholders who meet the requirements in electronic format in order to carry out the draw.


  1. The system for obtaining entries is based on:
  • For every 50 euros accumulated in card purchases, the participant will obtain 1 entry.
  • For every 50 euros accumulated in card purchases made via electronic commerce, the participant will obtain 2 entries.


  1. The promotion consists of 3 separate draws:


Prize - 1st draw: 20 iPhone 12 with 128GB

Card purchases from 23/11/20 to 29/11/20 (both inclusive)

Draw date: 03/12/2020


Prize - 2nd draw: 40 iPad Air 64Gb (wifi)

Card purchases from 23/11/20 to 20/12/20 (both inclusive)

Draw date: 22/12/2020


Prize - 3rd draw: 60 Smart TV 50" LG Nanocell

Credit card purchases from 23/11/20 to 31/01/2021(both inclusive)

Draw date: 4/02/2021


  1. The awarding of prizes in this promotion is limited to one prize per cardholder, regardless of the number of winning entries. The notary will randomly determine 120 winners and 120 alternates, who will be kept in reserve.


  1. Under no circumstances may the prizes included in this promotion be changed, altered or financially compensated at the request of the winner. Likewise, the prizes cannot be exchanged, transferred, donated, sold or any act that entails its disposal, except for the winner's enjoyment. The prizes are personal and non-transferable. The winner has the right to waive the prize.


  1. The bank does not provide any warranty on technology items. In this regard, prize winners must contact the official dealers of the corresponding brands to resolve any incidents.


  1. The bank reserves the right to determine and change at its discretion the date of the draw and the promotional period, to cancel the promotion and to exclude from the draw any person it deems ineligible or who has acted in bad faith. Likewise, the bank reserves the right to modify the rules of this promotion in the course thereof, as well as replace the prizes with others of equivalent value.


  1. The winner will be the individual who appears as the cardholder. The bank will notify the winners of the prize obtained and other circumstances related to the enjoyment of the prize via the telephone number or email address that the cardholder has indicated as a communication channel.


  1. Should for any reason the bank not be able to contact the winner via the telephone or email address that the holder has indicated to the bank as a communication channel within 15 working days after the day of the draw, or the winner does not accept or waives the prize, or in case of incorrect identification of the winner or his/her failure to comply with the requirements of these rules, it will be assigned to the corresponding alternate winner selected. In the event that the alternate winner does not accept or waives the prize, or in the event of incorrect identification or his/her failure to comply with the requirements of these rules, or if the bank cannot contact him/her by the telephone number or the email address indicated to the bank as a channel of communication, the prize will be declared void. The winner must prove his/her identification, by means of a valid ID card or passport, and sign the prize delivery documentation at the time of acceptance and delivery of the prize.


  1. The period of any claim related to the draw ends 20 business days thereafter.


  1. The cards must be valid and operational and the cardholder and/or the card contract must not be in arrears with the bank from the start of the promotion and, if applicable, until the prize is awarded.


  1. The winners of the prize subject to the draw authorise the bank or any of the companies of the Banco Sabadell group, subsidiaries or investee companies, to use their name and image and other personal details for any publicity, advertising or communication related to the promotion and the draws, without any consideration, and in particular to publish it at the different electronic addresses of the bank's brands.


  1. In accordance with personal income tax regulations, the prizes awarded for participating in games, competitions, raffles or promotional drawings, whether or not they are linked to the offer, promotion or sale of certain goods, products or services, are subject to withholding or payment on account provided that the withholding tax base of the prize is greater than 300 euros. The bank will make the payment on account in the public treasury in the winner's name, and also undertakes to report the duties derived from the award of the prize to the Tax Office and the winner. Such withholding or revenue on account will be at the bank's expense and therefore will add value to the prize. In turn, the prize obtained in this promotion will be subject to the relevant tax obligations in the winner's personal income tax return.


  1. The bank is not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, delay or any other circumstance attributable to third parties.


  1. The rules of this promotion are governed by Spanish law. The bank and the participants in the promotion are subject to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts of law, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, for any dispute that may arise from this promotion.


  1. The terms and conditions of this promotion are deposited and registered with the notary public of the Association of Notaries of Catalonia, Mr. Javier Micó Giner, with offices at Carrer de Narcís Giralt, 57, Sabadell, as well as in the Electronic Archive of Competition Terms and Conditions (ABACO, http://www.notariado.org/liferay/web/notariado/e-notario/abaco), a general public interest service offered by the General College of Notaries, and will be available to anyone who wishes to consult them.


  1. Participation in the draw entails acceptance of these rules and the bank's judgement for the resolution of any issue arising from them.
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