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Why our cards?

Because they are much more than a way of paying for your purchases.

Banco Sabadell card
If you have a Sabadell card …
You don’t worry if you lose it.
You can activate and deactivate it using your mobile, whenever you want.
If it’s stolen, you can block it and that’s it!
You’ll receive a new one at home.
You pay at your own pace.
You can defer your card settlement or split your purchases into instalments.
Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Sabadell Wallet.
Choose your option for paying with your mobile!
You are in full control.
Activate or deactivate selected uses of your card, such as Internet purchases or overseas.
You can win €1,000!

Join in our raffle and win up to € 2,000

Credit cards Think about how you would spend it while increasing your chances of winning.
Make purchases with your credit card and, for every € 50 you spend, you will get an extra entry for the raffle of ten €1,000 gift cards.
Mobile But that is not all:
If you win and accumulate €200 in purchases using your Sabadell Wallet, we will double your prize. What are you waiting for? The promotion ends on May 31.
See the terms and conditions of the promotion

Conditions of the "€1,000 / €2,000 draw" promotion.

Promotion valid from 1 March to 31 May 2020, both inclusive.

1. Banco de Sabadell, S.A. (hereinafter, the Bank), is carrying out a promotion addressed to natural persons who appear as holders of credit and/or revolving credit cards issued by Banco Sabadell (hereinafter, the cards).

2. The participants in this draw will be customers owning cards who during the promotion period, from 1 March to 31 May 2020 (both inclusive), have done shopping reaching an accumulated value of at least 50 euros. Every 50 euros accumulated in shopping done with any of the cards or Sabadell Wallet means one participation in the draw. The Bank will send the list of cardholders meeting the requisites to access the promotion to the notary in electronic format.

3. The promotion consists of a prize draw carried out with a notary’s involvement for 10 gift vouchers valued at 1000 euros or 2000 euros each, this sum varying depending on the means of payment used by the customer to pay for their shopping:

If the prize-winning customer pays for their purchases with a credit card, the value of the gift voucher will be 1000 euros. If the prize-winning customer has done their shopping with a credit card during the promotion period, reaching a minimum accumulated sum of 200 euros, over their mobile phone using the Sabadell Wallet application, the value of the gift voucher will be 2000 euros instead of 1000 euros.

4. The prize draw will take place on 10 June 2020.

5. The award of prizes for this promotion is limited to one per holder, irrespective of the number of winning participations. The notary will choose at random 10 winning holders and 10 substitutes who will be held in reserve. Substitutes will replace the winners if the identification of the winner is incorrect, or if the winner waives or fails to comply with the requisites required by these terms and conditions.

6. At its discretion, the Bank reserves the right to determine and modify the date of the draw, the promotional period, to cancel the promotion and to exclude from the draw any person it considers does not meet the requisites or who has acted in bad faith. The Bank also reserves the right to modify the terms of this promotion during the course of same or the prizes for others of equivalent value.

7. The winner will be the natural person appearing as the cardholder. The bank will inform the winners via its branch network or by any other means available regarding the prize obtained and other circumstances regarding enjoyment of the prize.

8. The winner is entitled to waive the prize, but may not, under any circumstance, exchange it for a different prize.

9. Should, for any reason, 30 business days after the day the draw is held, the bank be unable to contact the prize winner or the latter is unable to accept the prize or should waive it, the bank shall assign it to the relevant substitute. In the event the other substitutes were to reject or waive the prize, it shall not be awarded. The winner must provide identification in the form of a National ID card (DNI) or passport in force at the time of acceptance and receipt of the prize.

10. The claims period for the draw ends 30 business days after the draw.

11. The cards used by the holders must be in effect and operational and the cardholder or contract must not be in arrears with the Bank as from the time of the start of the promotion until the award of the prize.

12. In accordance with the regulations on personal income tax and corporate tax, the prizes awarded in games, competitions, draws or random combinations linked or otherwise to the sale or promotion of certain goods, products or services are subject to withholding or deposit on account, provided the withholding base of the prize is greater than 300 euros. The Bank shall deposit with the Tax Authorities a deposit on account of the winner and shall abide by its obligations to inform the Tax Agency and winner of all the details related to the prize. This withholding or deposit on account shall be borne by the Bank and therefore constitutes a greater value for the prize. The prize obtained in this promotion shall be subject to the tax obligations of the personal income tax statement or corporate tax of the winner.

13. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss, impairment, theft, delay or any other circumstance attributable to third parties.

14. The terms and conditions of this promotion shall be governed by Spanish law. The Bank and the participants in the promotion shall submit any dispute arising from this promotion to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

15. The terms and conditions of this promotion are deposited with and filed in the notarial records of the Notary of the Association of Notaries of Catalonia, Mr. Javier Micó Giner whose offices are located in Calle Narcís Giralt, 57, Sabadell and in the Electronic Archive of Competition Terms and Conditions (ABACO), a service provided by the General Association of Notaries and published at http://www.notariado.org/liferay/web/notariado/e-notario/abaco and at the disposal of any person wishing to consult them.

16. Participation in the draw implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and of the Bank’s criterion for the resolution of any matter arising therefrom.

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