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Pay for your purchases in less than a second

Contactless Cards


At Banco Sabadell we simply your minor daily payments in neighbourhood establishments with the adoption of Contactless technology for our cards.

These Contactless cards make these transactions easier and quicker for you.

Advantages of Contactless cards

  • Greater speed: Because you can pay for your purchases in less than a second
  • Greater versatility: Contactless cards can be used on any occasion. Even though the establishment does not have an Contactless terminal, you can operate using your card as always, at any establishment or ATM.
  • Greater ease of use: it enables you to pay for the most common small purchases (bread, newspaper, a coffee, etc.) without having to carry cash and replacing coins.
  • Safer: nobody handles your card and you never lose sight of it.

How to purchase using a Contactless card

  1. The establishment enters the amount in the Contactless terminal. The amount appears on the screen.
  2. You place the card near the terminal screen and the purchase is paid for in just a second. For purchases of under 20 euros it is not necessary to enter the PIN. If the amount is equal to or greater than 20 euros, it will ask for your PIN.
  3. And that’s it, because the operation has been completed. As easy and fast as that.

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