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Confirming suppliers

The best financing for the supplier

Confirming Proveedor

With BS Confirming suppliers, we notify suppliers on certified payment orders by their clients, offering optionally the possibility of advancing the payments, without recourse, without previous classification and with all the advantages that this involves.

You can check whether you have available offers and advance them from here: 

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I am a Banco Sabadell customer

  • Advantages and services
    • Financing without recourse opcional
      • with immediate concession
      • without previous classification
      • without an impact of your CIRBE or in your banking indebtedness
      • without using bank lines
    • Improvement in your solvency ratios, indebtedness and payment terms, among others, on substituting commercial debt for treasury on your balance
    • Option of applying for advance payment through Confirmiline, BS Online Empresas confirming service, telephone, fax, at any branch office
    • Permanent and instant access to information on payments confirmed by your clients

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  • Types

    There are 3 types of Reverse Factoring (Confirming):

    BS Confirming:

    • Standard type in which the supplier receives a notification from the bank with the details of the payment orders confirmed by their clients and with an offer to finance them without recourse.
    • If the supplier requests the advance payment, the bank settles payment before the due date, thus eliminating the trade risk and country risk (for foreign suppliers).
    • If the supplier does not request the advance payment, the Bank makes payment on the due date indicated by the ordering party.

    BS Confirming prompt Payment:

    • Management service for cash payments.
    • The supplier collects cash and the ordering party defers the payment.
    • The costs of the advance payment to the supplier are borne by the ordering party of the payments, who in compensation can benefit from a discount for prompt payment as agreed with the suppliers.

    BS Confirming Plus:

    • Deferral to the payer of the debit of the payments made, with the option for the payer to systematically extend the maturity date of all invoices or to select the invoices he wishes to extend and choose the extension period for each of them.
    • Suppliers collect within the agreed timeframe or prior to the due date if they request advance payment from the Bank, while the party ordering the payments does not have to honour said payment out of its treasury on the due date but on a subsequent date.
    • The financial cost of the deferral is charged to the party ordering the payments.
    • This allows companies to adapt their terms of payment to current law (Law on Late Payments).
    •  It increases the competitiveness of the company by reducing the payment timeframes to suppliers.
    • The supplier does not sense that the debit date to the party ordering the payments has been deferred.
  • Documentation

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