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BS Confirming instructing party

Confirming instructing party

BS Confirming Payer is a payment management service, the client receives invoices from its suppliers and as soon as these invoices are authorised, instructions are sent to the bank so that they may be paid.

The bank informs the suppliers of the scheduled payments at maturity and offers them non-recourse financing for these payments.



For those ordering the payments :

  • Saving of internal administration costs since the payment function is outsourced.
  • Strengthening of the company's positioning before its suppliers when they confirm that their client has placed a source of non-recourse financing at their disposal.
  • Internet queries and operations from BS Online Companies   you can send files with the payments to finance your suppliers and consult their status.
    To send the file, use the general menu option All options > Files > Send files. The file must comply with the format recognised by Banco de Sabadell, S.A. On the same page there is a link to download the application that generates files in this format.
    From the general menu option All options > Financing > Confirming ordering party, you can consult general information on the contract, limits, payment dates and commissions. You can also consult the status of your payment orders: financed, pending or paid, and payments issued to your suppliers to settle invoices.

For suppliers :

  • Optional non-recourse financing
    • immediately granted
    • without prior qualification
    • without affecting their CIRBE (Bank of Spain Central Credit Register) record or their bank debt
    • without the use of bank lines
  • Improvement of your solvency ratio, debt ratio and collection period, amongst others, when you replace your commercial debt balance with liquid assets
  • Permanent and instant access BS Online Companies with the Confirmiline Internet service
  • Option of requesting an advance on the payments selected by Internet, telephone, fax or at any of the bank's branches.



We offer different ways to manage payments to suppliers:

We offer different ways to manage payments to suppliers
BS Confirming With non-recourse financing offered to suppliers
SMEs Prompt Payment For suppliers that apply prompt payment discounts
The client gives the bank a payment order for the net amount (the prompt payment discount already applied); the bank immediately pays the supplier, although the amount is not debited from the client's account until the original due date (financial cost charged to the ordering party).
BS Confirming International For foreign suppliers : import payments in euros made to any country in the world
It is a mechanism that includes domestic payments and import payments in the same contract and with a single operating system
BS Confirming with Extension With deferral of the debit to the customer at the customer's choice.
In this way, regardless of whether the supplier requests an advance on its payments, the bank posts the charge after the due date (financing cost for the deferment charged to the party ordering the payments)

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