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Social networks service

Twitter, Facebook y Google+

Every day there are more customers who decide to follow Banco Sabadell on social networks to be closer to their bank.

The aim is to address their concerns swiftly and conveniently in a manner in line with the new channels of communications.

Banco Sabadell lends personalised, uninterrupted service on +34 902 343 999 ,el correo electrónico info@bancsabadell.com ,   and on the social networks  (Twitter, Facebook  y Google +),  24 hours every day.

Banco Sabadell rules for taking part in social media

Since the beginning of 2010, the Banco Sabadell Group (the Bank) has taken part in online platforms for social conversation via the most popular social media with the following goals:

1. Excellence in service

The Bank is available 24/7 to all existing and potential customers on TwitterFacebook y Google Plus to respond to any queries addressed to the Bank on these platforms.

2. Promoting the company's activities
News of interest to the public and the most notable events related to the Banco Sabadell Group are released via the Press Room. The company's different public activities are also promoted via the corporate group an other y en otros public platforms (FlickrYoutubeSlideshare.

3. Exploring new conversation spaces
In addition to conversations via Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, Banco Sabadell has also set up a section for suggestions and ideas so that, if they want, both existing and potential customers can take part in creating value by helping us improve our products and services.

4. Involving third parties in the Bank's spaces on social media
The social media services owned by the Bank where customers and users in general can publish content (see the main platforms at http://socialmedia.bancsabadell.com) are governed and managed by the Bank according to the rules for participation detailed below.

Rules governing the services offered by Banco Sabadell on social media

1. Access to available services
Participation is open and accessible for anyone provided they follow the basic rules of respect and consideration. We're grateful for your collaboration and inform you that we're at your disposal, also via email, at the following address: http://socialmedia.bancsabadell.com.

2. General rules
Banco Sabadell's social media services will be governed by the following general rules:
  • In the spaces on the social media where the Bank has a corporate presence, its mission is to publish opinions and comments related to the Bank's activity, reserving the right to suppress or refuse to publish any content that is not related to this context. In general advertising content from other companies will be erased.
  • It's vital to respect laws and rights, with particular attention to those related to intellectual copyright and the protection of personal data. In any case Banco Sabadell is not liable for any content that may be published by people unrelated to the Bank in its public spaces on social media.
  • Never give out information via social media that is related to bank accounts or access to the Bank. Banco Sabadell will never ask you for confidential data such as passwords or secret numbers, not by email or via forms. Banco Sabadell is not liable for the privacy or security policies of sites on social media where it is present (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Uservoice, Typepad or others that may be included in the future) or on any third party websites that may be related.
  •  In order to attend to a request you have made, you may be asked for contact details (exclusively your name, contact telephone number and branch number) but only when the manager needs to access your customer information which you provided previously, at the time of taking out a service provided by the Group. We inform you that the personal data you provide us with via this cannel are necessary to process and manage your request, so that Banco Sabadell (hereafter the Bank) is authorised to process and record these data in the respective files. Under the terms of the applicable regulations, at any time you can revoke the authorisation given to process and pass on your personal data and, in the case of an individual, you can exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel or object by writing to the “Derechos LOPD” unit of the data controller, namely the Bank, via its head office in Avda. Óscar Esplá, 37, 03007, Alicante, Spain or any of its branches open to the public
  •  No comment may be published that violates a person's honour via insults, slander, messages that are racist or sexist or encourage violence or similar.
The Bank reserves the right to suppress, without prior notice, any content published on participation platforms that does not comply with that established in these general rules of participation.

3. Particular rules for customer services on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus
The main mission of the service provided to attend to existing and potential customers on social media is to deal with queries and resolve doubts regarding operations related to the products and services provided to customers via the commercial brands of the Banco Sabadell Group.
To use the customer service on Twitter you should tweet @Sabadell_Help, to be attended via Facebook you should write your query in the tab "¿Can we help?"You can also make a query via Google+.
These channels will not attend to requests related to negotiating the financial conditions of products bought or economic or institutional facts that entail the Bank's opinion or assessment.

4. Particular rules for the Banco Sabadell Ideas and Suggestions Forum
The Ideas and Suggestions Forum is a space for contributions from current and potential customers, with the aim of using these contributions to improve the Bank’s services, products or operations through specific ideas or suggestions.

If you would like to contribute to the Banco Sabadell Ideas and Suggestions Forum, you can log in from facebook.com/bancosabadell (“Suggestions”) or directly from http://feedback.bancsabadell.com/. You can also access the forum through the Suggestions tab, which is available on certain pages of the website.

Below are the rules you need to know to take part in this forum:

  • When your contribution has received 50 votes, we will evaluate your idea, assess its feasibility and the possibilities of implementing it. We will also notify you of the foregoing.
  • You can also use the forum to find out about the status, feasibility, planning etc. of all of the initiatives that have received 50 votes or more, as well as finding out about, and voting for, new ideas.
  • A maximum period of 30 days is established for contributions to receive 50 votes or more in order for the idea to be evaluated, and to receive a response. After these 30 days have elapsed, if an idea has not received 50 votes, the contribution will be classified as dismissed.
  • The aim of the Banco Sabadell Suggestions Forum is not to consider initiatives which are exclusively aimed at obtaining a higher return or better financial conditions (or similar), nor is it a space for current or potential customers to submit any complaints or claims.

    For the latter purposes, Banco Sabadell has made the following channels available to all of its customers and potential customers: Twitter, Facebook, info@bancsabadell.com through our chat service, or we can even call you for free through the right hand side of this page, or you can call us on 963 085 000, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


Banco Sabadell.