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How do you prefer to pay for your purchases?

Looking for a card? We've got the one that suits you best!

Risk indicator corresponding to the Expansión Account.


This number is indicative of the risk of the product, with 1/6 being the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

Banco de Sabadell, S.A. is a member of the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this fund is € 100,000 per depositor.

There's a wide range of cards. Find the one for you!
Cards with no start-up or maintenance fees with the Expansión Account1 and Premium Expansión Account2.
Split up or defer any payments you make with the credit card whenever you need to.
Set up your cards for greater security: for example, you can activate or deactivate the permits for shopping online or abroad.
All our credit and debit cards include the following free of charge:
Accident insurance: either household or for travel by public transport.
Card Protection Service: so that you can get payment notifications by SMS or push notification in event of any loss or theft.
Bs Card

BSCard debit card


Ideal for monitoring details of your expenses

  • Your payments are instantly debited to your account.
  • A free card for each holder with the Expansión Account1, without issuance or maintenance fee.
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The most requested

Classic credit card


Shop when you want and pay at the end of the month

  • A free card for each holder with the Expansión Account1, without issuance or maintenance fee.
  • Monthly statement to keep your expenses under control.
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Oro credit card


Exclusive benefits in travel assistance insurance

  • Covers expenses in insurance for everyday accidents.
  • A free card for each holder with the Expansión Premium Account2, without maintenance fee.
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Shopping card


To set the amount you want to pay

  • No fees for partial repayments or lack of use.
  • Take advantage of its exclusive promotions.
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Platinum credit card


More special benefits and extensive cover

  • Exclusive offers at hotel chains and a special service for car rental with AVIS.
  • Emergency cash withdrawals in the event of robbery while on a trip.
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Other Cards and Services
Tarjeta SIN

Pay for purchases over 3 months

The credit card to comfortably pay for purchases between € 50 and € 3,000 in 3 months. Ideal for complementing your current credit card and while keeping all the advantages.

Load the exact amount you want to spend in your card

The prepayment card is ideal for a gift or for loading younger people's monthly assignment with a minimum sum of 15 euros. It allows perfect and accurate control of your expenses because you load the exact amount that you want to spend.

Filling up and saving at the same time is possible

2% discounts on your fuel payments with your Repsol card. 5% discounts at Repsol car washes and shops. Absolutely free and with no fees!

Don't let anything stop you on your trips, not even toll booths!

With your VIA T card you don't have to stop your vehicle at toll booths or carry out any manual action at all. Just fit the device on your vehicle and you'll see how convenient it can be to save time.

Enjoy skiing with no worries or risks

The Esquí credit card will let you enjoy your favourite sport with all the peace of mind that comes from having total protection and cover for accidents and assistance on European ski slopes.
More advantages

Big buys are better with …. small payments!

It couldn't be easier to pay for your shopping with our cards. If you have a bill for your credit card that's too big to pay in one go… Just split it up or defer the payment! CTA: Find out more about this.

Make your card something unique.

Personalise your card with the photo you like best and without calling in at your branch. Just choose a picture and you'll get the card delivered to your home.
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What should I do in the event of my card being stolen or lost?
If you are in this situation the first thing you should do is to block the lost or stolen card. You can do this directly from the Banco Sabadell app, Sabadell Wallet or the web site. You can also call +34 935 202 910 for personal assistance by a manager.
My card has expired. What should I do?
f your card has expired we will automatically send you a new one to your home or office address, depending on what you have instructed. Before using this remember to activate it and do this as soon as possible through the Banco Sabadell app, Sabadell Wallet or the web site. You can also call +34 935 202 910. Bear in mind that if you have not activated this after some time has elapsed this will be blocked again for your own safety and you will have to ask for a new one.
Use your card with absolute security.
We will explain here why this is so safe.
Are you looking for a cash dispenser?
Find your nearest ATM here.
Cita gestor
Still not sure about which card you need? Ask us about it.

  • Resumen de productos

    BS Debit Card

    BS Card:       
    The best way of monitoring your expenses, because all purchases are charged immediately.

    Card MasterCard

    More information

    Classic Credit Card

    Classic card       
    The simplest option for your regular purchases, without having to carry cash and paying at month end.

    Visa Classic

    More information

    Pay at month end with extra protection

    Oro Card         
    The card which also offers payment at month end, with greater services and cover. Security and prestige you carry with you.

    Visa Oro

    More information

    Payment at month end with exclusive services

    Platinum Card        
    Intended for the most demanding customers, with superior advantages and covers. The luxury of feeling secure, wherever you go. 

    Visa Platinum

    More information

    Payment of purchases in advance

    Prepaid Card          
    Discover the easiest and most secure of making all types of purchases with the Banco Sabadell prepaid card. The perfect way to control all your spending because you set the limit.

    Card MasterCard

    More information

    Pay for purchases over 3 months

    SIN Card
    Easy payment facility you can carry with you: 3 months to pay any of your purchases. It’s that simple.

    Visa Sin

    More information

    Shopping card

    Shopping Card      
    Your extraordinary purchases will not be a problem. You can choose how and how much to pay without paperwork.      

    Visa Shopping Oro

    More information

    Pay for fuel at a discount

    Repsol Máxima Card         
    Get a 2% discount on fuel and 5% in shops and carwashes in all REPSOL, CAMPSA and PETRONOR service stations

    Tarjeta Solred

    More information

    Pay toll fees easily

    VIA T card     
    The easiest option for travelling by motorway without stopping at the tolls.

    Tarjeta Via T

    More information

    Payment with a single, customised card

    Instant Card      
    Boast about having an exclusive card: one which you design by adding the image you choose.

    Visa Classic

    More information

    Pay for your purchases in less than a second

    Contactless Cards
    The easiest, simplest and, above all, the fastest form of payment


    More information