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Sabadell Savings Account

Meet your goals without realising it

Risk indicator corresponding to the Saving Sabadell Account.


This number indicates of the product risk, with 1/6 being the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

Banco de Sabadell, SA is a member of the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this fund is € 100,000 per depositor.

Cuenta Ahorro Sabadell

The new smart savings solution will cost you nothing.

0 fees: No arrangement or maintenance charges.


Your money is always available.

You can make free transfers to your linked account whenever you want.


You will choose the saving rules that suit you best.

Because you save at your own pace, speeding up or deactivating your routines whenever you want.

And besides, getting started is very simple.

As a Banco Sabadell customer, we have chosen for you the savings method that best suits your daily life. Of course, you can change it whenever you want.

1. The return on the account is 0% APR, calculated for a scenario in which an average balance of 2,500 euros is maintained constantly for 1 year, applying a NIR of 0% and the account administration and maintenance fee of 0 euros/year. The account is settled on a quarterly basis.


Get closer to your new savings rules

Saving when it rains in your city:

Madrid, Gijón, Barcelona…the one that you like best! Choose a city and get closer to your goals without realizing it.

Rounding off your payments:

with each coffee, gym fee or a dinner with friends, for example.

Or with the weekly contribution that best suits you.

You just have to configure it and forget about it.

Don’t wait any longer; everything you had planned is just a click away. Shall we begin?


How does it work?

You can activate your Ahorro Sabadell Savings Account in the app, the web, or at your nearest branch.
You just have to link it to your usual current account , from which you will transfer your money and to which you will withdraw your savings.
If you open your account in the app or on the web, we will assign you a personalized saving mode to make getting started easier. You can change it whenever you want in less than a minute.
Every Saturday you can see how your savings grow thanks to the routines you have activated or the specific transfers you make.

Frequently asked questions

How can I activate my Ahorro Sabadell Savings Account?
It is as easy as accessing the app or Banco Sabadell website and clicking on "Ahorro Sabadell", within the "Saving" menu or visiting your nearest branch.
Who can open an account?
Any client over 18 years of age holding an account.
Can I open more than one?
No, your Ahorro Sabadell Account is unique and it will centralize all your savings, so that accessing them and checking your progress is much easier and simpler.
I want to share Ahorro Sabadell with another person, can I do that?
Yes, on the web or at your nearest branch. Please note that neither of you may have previously opened an Ahorro Sabadell Account.
I am self-employed, is Ahorro Sabadell for me?
Sure! Ahorro Sabadell is a perfect solution for individuals and self-employed clients. If you have a company, see what other savings solutions we have for you.
Will I have a card or will I be able to domicile payroll or receipts in my account?
Ahorro Sabadell is a totally free savings account. As their aim is for you to achieve your goals, you will not be able to hire any additional products or services.
How do I activate my savings modes or routines?
If you open your Ahorro Sabadell account from the app or the web, the savings routine best that best suits your lifestyle will be activated by default, although you can change or deactivate it in the tool menu.

If you open your Ahorro Sabadell in your branch, you will only have to access the menu from your app or the web to select the saving mode you prefer. It’s that simple.
How do I modify or disable my routines?
It's just as easy. You just have to open your app or the web and access the Saving menu. Remember that, as well as deactivating your routine, you can also modify it to continue saving at a different rate.
How can I check what I have saved?
At any time, from the app or the web. Every Saturday we will update your saved total and you will be able to see how close you have come to your goal. One click away.
What is the account associated with my Ahorro Sabadell account?
It is your usual Banco Sabadell account, from which your routine transfers are automatically made, and from which you can withdraw your savings whenever you wish.

The request for contracting the product associated with the calculation of savings amounts means that Banco Sabadell, as the data controller based on the execution of the contract, may process your personal and financial data that is contained in the operations and contracts maintained by you with the entity, as well as other external information to it that enables the entity to know your income range. You can exercise your rights in data protection, as well as access detailed information on this matter at the following link: https://www.bancsabadell.com/cs/Satellite/SabAtl/Informacion-a-clientes/GBS_Generico_FA/1183016790073/1191332198208/en/