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Protect your online transactions

With the European PSD2 directive

Greater security. By logging in on the website or app, we will ask you for an additional key. Let us explain how to do it.
Sign your transactions in your mobile phone. To do so, activate your digital signature on your device. Activate your signature.
Are you a company? You can now send money with other bank accounts* from our website.
Essential: have your app updated with the latest version and sign your transactions in your mobile, with digital signature.
                  *Available entities: Caixabank, Banco Santander, BBVA and Bankinter.

What changes with PSD2?


Logging into the website

Additional key
You need your usual user and password to log in.
You must log in with an additional key we will send to your mobile periodically.
Activate your Digital Banking
Activate your Digital Banking

Log into the app

You will only notice changes if you sign your transactions by receiving an SMS.
You must use your usual username and password.
And enter an additional key that you will receive on your mobile phone.
Download the appDownload the app

Shop online

More security
If you have your mobile notifications activated: sign the transaction with your mobile and confirm it in the app.
If you receive the confirmation keys via SMS: enter your Banco Sabadell app or website key and confirm the purchase.
With a key generator: confirm your purchase by going logging into the Banco Sabadell website.
We answer your questionsWe answer your questions

Your transfers from your other banks without leaving our website

From the Your finances aggregator, on the Banco Sabadell website, you can send money fast and conveniently. You just need to add the source account from which you want to transfer money nationally (domestic financial institutions). In addition, we are working so you can also transfer internationally.

This is an exclusive service for companies and is only available on our website.
View your finances

All of your accounts in one place with the Your finances aggregator

You can have all of your accounts in one place, even from different banks. We help you keep control over your money, with your movements updated at all times and organised by categories.
Connect accounts
We can help you

Having trouble accessing your accounts online?

Your online banking may not be activated. Follow the steps to activate it and, if you need help, go to the nearest branch.
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Are you a company or third party?

This information may interest you:

Technical documentation of API channel for TPPs.
Access to the Banco Sabadell PSD2 Sandbox.
Protocol to follow to use the contingency mechanism.
Technical documentation to access the contingency mechanism.

If you have an incident and are a company or third party registered and authorised by the European Central Bank (ECB), our team of experts will help you fix it:

1. Download and fill in this form.
2. According to the type of incident, send an e-mail to the following contacts:

Issues related to the Sandbox:
Issues related to the production environment:

You can also call 917 282 321, from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm.

Quarterly report on availability and performance of the API and the rest of the online channels.
Indicators table January-March 2024.

We answer your most frequently asked questions

Do you shop online on European websites?

The EU has a series of rules that protect you when you make electronic payments. Read all about your rights here.

What will happen if I don’t activate my digital signature?

You can check your accounts on our website and app; however, under no circumstances will you be able to carry out transactions until you activate the digital signature.

What if I am a client of a foreign branch?

If you signed your contract with Banco Sabadell at a foreign branch outside Spain, switch to Digital Signature before 14 September. Find out how to do it.

Discover more about PSD2


This is Europe's revised Payment Services Directive. It has two main features: it increases the security of online payments by asking users for a second authentication code and also makes banking more competitive, which benefits customers. It also gives customers the chance to control who has access to their accounts and how they can access them.

Open banking makes bank information available to third parties throughout the European Economic Area. It aims to optimise banking and give customers greater control over their financial data, which they can freely share with third parties by giving their specific consent. In turn, banks will be able to offer customers new, more personalised services. Remember that, whenever you want to transfer your data, you'll have to specifically authorise this. You can always withdraw your consent via our website.

Payment Service Providers can initiate payments from any website or app. For instance, you can initiate a transfer via our app with an account at another bank. It's that easy.

These provide an overview of your financial data, like in some currently available apps. Very soon, via our website and app, you'll be able to see all your finances at a glance to help you make the best financial decisions.

The advantages of digital banking with the best of an expert bank

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