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Banco Sabadell Retirement Plans

Choose our pension plans

Find your planFind your planEnjoy the retirement pension you deserve

Choose the option that’s best suited to you and rely on our experts' advice whenever you need it.

Subscribe to your retirement plan and obtain tax benefits of up to 47%1 in your next tax return.

You decide how much you want to contribute and whether to do so on a regular or one-off basis. For as little as €30!

We have a wide range of plans to help you to think about your future and start saving for the retirement you deserve.

Secured Pension and Benefit Plans

Start saving as soon as possible for your retirement pension, accordi ng to your needs

It adjusts to your objectives so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve. You decide how much and when to make contributions and how to manage the redemption of the pension plan. It complements your pension and deducts up to 47%1 in your income tax return.
Get your pension plan
Benefit Plans

Enjoy the advantages of our Benefit Plans

If you live in the Basque Country, the benefit plans will be highly advantageous in your tax return. Our experts will help you to choose the one that best suits your profile.

Get your pension plan

Retirement pensions that give you money every month

We have different options depending on the objectives you want to achieve, your retirement age and the capital you wish to leave as an inheritance to your beneficiaries. You can thus choose the one that best suits your future plans.
Get your lifelong savings scheme

Manage your domestic finances with the Personal Finance service

The clearest and easiest way of organising your domestic finances. Access your BS Online and check all the information about how much money you have and what you’ve spent it on.
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Discover Banco Sabadell’s retirement plans

Secured Pension and Benefit PlansTo plan your savings with a view to your retirement
Long-term savings products with an individual pension.
Find your life-savings insurance with secured returns.
We can offer several future plans for different objectives.
Find out more here
Benefit PlansPlans for residents of the Basque Country
A dynamic plan that suits your time of life.
Maximise your tax savings from as little as €30.
With benefits in your tax return. 
Find out more
Lifelong Savings schemeReceive extra income each month
One of the products with the best tax features for your savings.
Receive fixed income each month to supplement your pension.
Suitable for people over 60 years of age.
Find out more
Individual Systematic Savings Plans (PIAS)Guarantee your retirement
Supplement your contributions to pension/benefit plans.
Total or partial availability of funds, without any penalties. Whenever you wish.
Pay in up to a maximum of €8,000 a year. You decide.
Find out more

If you are self-employed…

We have the solution to plan your future that best suits you. Access all the information on simplified employment plans for the self-employed. Learn more about these plansLearn more about these plans

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