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Investment for individuals by Banco Sabadel

Invest your money

Know how to invest moneyKnow how to invest moneyPersonalized advice
Choose the modality that best suits your risk profile and preferences.
Monitor the performance of your investment at all times and make adjustments whenever and wherever you want.
Benefit from the advice of a specialized manager whenever you need it.
Bring your trading portfolio and your investment fund from another entity to Banco Sabadell. We take care of everything.

Delegate your investment and start investing easily with the Cartera Sabadell

Do you want to delegate your investment to a team that will make the decision that best suits your needs as an investor? Access the discretionary fund portfolio management service. I want to find out more
Investment funds

Discover our range of funds on different themes

Invest from € 30 with full access to your money, always keeping in mind that withdrawal before the completion of the minimum recommended time horizon increases the risk of capital loss. Choose the one that best fits your objectives according to your investment strategy and, if you need it, get the help of our specialists. Access our range of funds
Stock exchange and markets

We advise you on how to invest in the stock market flexibly

You can buy and sell through the app or the website at any time. And with access to our analysts’ opinions, so that you can make better investment decisions.

Open your trading account
Structured deposits

Recover 100% of your investment with a guaranteed return

Take out your deposit from € 1,000 and recover all your capital at maturity together with a guaranteed minimum return on profitability. This profitability is directly linked to a stock market index which varies according to the deposit in the campaign. Get your structured deposit

Summary of our investment solutions

Investment fundsWhatever you are, we have the fund for you
A wide range of funds to choose from to suit your personal investment objectives.
Offering funds to invest in global trends.
Invest with Amundi, a leading European fund manager and promoter of responsible investment1.
ApplyApply See more
Stock exchange and marketsInvest when and where you want
Operate in domestic and international markets.
Manage all your investments 100% online.
Rely on information from our analysts to help you make better investment decisions.
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Structured depositsIf you wish to obtain a guaranteed return
You can sign up for a deposit starting at €1,000.
Recover 100% of the investment upon maturity.
Profitability linked to a stock market index that varies according to the deposit in the campaign.
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Investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to investments in securities and other financial instruments. Consequently, the acquisition value and returns may vary upwards or downwards and the investor may not get back the amount invested.

The withdrawal of money prior to the fulfillment of the recommended minimum time horizon increases the risk of loss of capital.

Sustainable investment and Banco Sabadell

Today's decision that can make tomorrow's difference. Supporting you in new ways of achieving profitability is not only beneficial for you, but also for society as a whole and even the environment. Sustainable investment products are one example. I want to find out more

The advantages of digital banking with the best of an expert bank

Download the Banco Sabadell app

Manage your investments from your mobile phone

Contract your investment products through the app itself, from wherever you want.
Manage and monitor your investments in real time.  

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